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From pre-op to post-op, our team will go above and beyond to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable throughout the surgical process. We generally recommend starting with pre-op appointments for elective procedures so that we can assess your pet’s overall health and discuss expectations for the procedure and recovery process. We’ll perform bloodwork to ensure your pet’s internal organs are functioning properly and can safely undergo anesthesia. A pre-op cardiac work up may be recommended for certain patients, depending on their age and the presence of a heart murmur. On the day of your pet’s procedure, before going under anesthesia, he or she will be medicated soon after arrival to help with anxiety and to pre-treat for pain. During your pet’s surgery, we use state-of-the-art, human-grade monitoring equipment. Equally important, we will implement a multi-modal approach to pain control before, during, and after your pet’s procedure.


Below are the surgeries we perform at Avondale Animal Hospital.

Spays and Neuters

Dental Surgery

Tumor and Growth Removals

Wound repair

Minor ocular surgeries

Bladder stone removal

GI Foreign Body Removal

Hernia repairs

Amputation procedures

Emergency Surgical Procedures such as GDV/Bloat, Splenectomy, and general Abdominal Exploratory surgery